Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blocking Incoming calls on H323 gateway

Call Blocking Specific Calling Numbers

Configure a voice translation rule to block the desired calling number you want to block. This example uses 9193927393.

voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 reject /9193927393/    

!--- Matches the defined number string and rejects the call.


!--- Apply the rule to a translation profile for the calling number.
!--- You could also reject based on called or redirect-called numbers.

voice translation-profile call_block
 translate calling 1    

!--- Invokes voice translation rule 1 in order to determine
!--- which calls to reject based on the calling number.


!--- Include the translation profile within a dial peer definition.

dial-peer voice 100 pots
 call-block translation-profile incoming call_block    

!--- Invokes the voice translation profile    call_block   on
!--- inbound POTS calls that match this peer
!--- in order to determine which calls to reject.

 call-block disconnect-cause incoming call-reject
 incoming called-number      

!--- Matches this peer for all inbound POTS calls.

 port 1/1:23


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