Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blocking incoming calls from MGCP

Method 1: (if you are using the MGCP gateway)

Blocking Particular Incoming call
Example: You need to block 0431183951

Gateway Incoming CSS: PSTN_CSS
Phones CSS: Phone_CSS

Make a new partition: Block_Partition
Add this new Partition to the Gateway CSS

I.e: PSTN_CSS---- Block_Partition

Make a Translation Pattern: 0431183951
Put in the Partition Block_Partition
Choose the "Block This pattern" option.

Restart all the devices.


Call comes into the gateway with Calling Info: 0431183951 The TP are searched first, the gateway see that the Block_Partition is the PSTN_CSS, so will send the call to TP. The TP matches the number, then blocks the calls. But if some
other number comes in, the TP will not match and route the call.

But because most of times outgoing calls to 0431183951 should be allowed, we are not adding the phone partition to the TP and also not adding the Block_partition to Phone_CSS.


Method 2: (If method 1 not working properly)

starting from callmanager 4.0 or above, our development introduced a new feature Malicious Call Identification.

Malicious Call Identification :


When the MCID feature is used, the following actions take place:

1. The user receives a threatening call and presses the Malicious Call softkey (or enters the feature code *39).

2. Cisco CallManager sends the user a confirmation tone if the device can play a tone—and a text message on a phone that has a display—to acknowledge receiving the MCID notification.

3. Cisco CallManager updates the CDR for the call with an indication that the call is registered as a malicious call.

4. Cisco CallManager generates the alarm and event log entry that has the event information.

5. Cisco CallManager sends a MCID invocation through the facility message to the connected network. The facility information element (IE) encodes the MCID invocation.

6. After receiving this notification, the PSTN or other connected network can take actions, such as providing legal authorities with the call information.

Hope it helps,if it doesn't work then you need to call the service provider (Telco) to block that specific incoming number.


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  2. I have tried it on cisco call manager 7.1.x. I could not achieve it. I want to block one international number (called party) reaching to my DID number (calling party)