Thursday, May 26, 2011

PLAR on Call Manager

Configuring PLAR on call manager:

1. Create a partition example:- PT_PLAR
2. Create a CSS example:- CSS_PLAR
3. Add that partition in CSS_PLAR
4. Add a translation pattern leave the TP blank, set partition as PT_PLAR and CSS that can call the phone the will be the other end of the ring down
5. Change the called party transformation mask the the number of the device that will be called by the ring down.

Now any device that is in the new partition or devices that  have a call search space with the new partition listed as the highest priority will call the number setup in the called party transformation mask of the translation patteren you just created when ever it goes off hook.

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  1. Can you add a new one regarding configuring Logical Partitioning on Call Manager